Eat something!: Jane Krakowski

This is another one that I’m very sad to see become so thin. Why? Because she was thin to begin with! Now, Jane Krakowski was never thin thin — she always had hips & breasts (which was such a big part of her character on Ally McBeal, as you’ll recall), and she has a very typical dancer’s body — she’s fit, and always looked healthy.

Well, she’s lost a lot of weight lately. And given how big a change it is from the last 10+ years of her career and how gaunt her face looks? My money is on UNhealthy weight loss. Take a look:

Jane in 2000

Jane in 2001

Jane in 2003

… And Jane NOW:

Jane, you’re beautiful, and I’ve always liked you. I always liked that you didn’t conform to Hollywood, because you had a non-typical body type but you had a badass dancer’s figure and didn’t care. Now you look like you’re unhealthy and trying to play the Hollywood game.

Sad 😦


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