Eat Something!: Keri Russell

I’ve noticed Keri Russell getting thinner and thinner or the last two years, ever since her film career started getting off the ground again. What is so painful about Keri is that, of course, she was thin to begin with, but in her current incarnation, her face is gaunt, and she’s whittled her arms down to toothpick size. She just looks unhealthy, which is a shame, because I think she’s lovely, and is doing great things with her hair and makeup. She just needs to put on an insulating 5-10lbs.

Here is Keri now, at an event this month. In combing through Keri’s pictures from the last two years, it is notable that she, quite smartly, hides her extreme thin with draping styles. But the face and arms don’t lie.

Keri a month ago — it’s a bit easier to see how svelte she is

Keri at the 2008 Oscars. She looks gorgeous, and made a good choice in that dress, in that it hides how thin she is. But you can still see it in her face, arms and shoulderblades.

Keri exactly a year ago from two above — November 2007. Maybe it’s the angle, but she may be even skinnier. This is also only FIVE months after Keri gave birth to her son.

Now jumping all the way back to April 2006, when Keri was doing press for Mission Impossible 3. She looks GREAT, at probably only 5-10lbs “heavier” and after this is probably when the weight loss started.

And just for kicks and comparison, here is Keri in 2000, back when she was doing Felicity. She’s much younger, but you can also see that she maintained the same small size for a very long time, until 2006 when she started dieting down to what she is now

Now, I understand why some shallow, moronic agent might tell Keri Russell to shave off a few more pounds if she wants to “make it,” but I don’t know why she would do it! She looked perfect before, and I just don’t get it. I wish she’d put on a few more pounds, but you know she won’t. At the least, I hope she doesn’t lose anymore, because while I certainly notice that she looks rather gaunt, the average person probably doesn’t see it. But it could get worse. Let’s hope not. She’s lovely.


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