Project Runway 7×10: Does Beyonce have a song for “Anthony is lolarious”? + 7×11/season spoilers!

Oh, Project Runway! Your last two weeks were good but not inspiring enough for late blogging, but this week you have OUTDONE yourself! All thanks, in massively large part to the man of the season, Anthony Williams. If he does not win audience favorite, I will eat my hat! Observe, the best comedic PR moment since season’s two Santino imitating Tim Gunn/Andre goes to Red Lobster:

Maybe the celebrity next week will be Beyonce, who will compose a song for people who are unemployed and didn’t do well on their interview. More on next week later — it’s a doozy!

So, this week, the designers had to design their own print/fabric, which was really an elaborate excuse for PR to plug the HP computer suite they’ve been whoring over all season. We’re treated first to guest judge Vivienne Tam giving an obviously rehearsed speech about how awesome it is, then the designers gushing about how they all want HP computers and this design software now! *cheesy smile* I won’t dither this week because there is MUCH TO DISCUSS in spoilers, so let’s cut to the chase. Borrowing from Lost, apparently, Project Runway decided to host this week’s episode in Bizarro World, where the shittiest designs were in the top three, one of the best was in the bottom three, and the absolute worst of the week somehow did not go home. Let me break it down:

  • Sorry, Emilio, but I’m with Tim. Emilio’s graphic fabric, while definitely visually cool (if not completely derivative), didn’t read as his first initial and last name. I, too, thought at first it was some strange homage to last week’s partnership with Seth Aaron: SAES (Seth Aaron, Emilio Sosae), especially given Seth Aaron has already made it his trademark to work his initials into his pieces. Not bad on the runway, but NOT THE BEST DRESS. Don’t know what the judges are smoking.
  • Mila’s dress was a complete and utter trainwreck. It was stiff, boring, her model could barely walk, and the jacket was ugly. The show is definitely some kind of fix, if Mila is still there. WTF.
  • Jonthan’s outfit, on the other hand, was NOT a total trainwreck. Ok, so the judges hated the fabric, but I didn’t think it was so bad. I loved the actual cut of the cocktail dress and thought it was really pretty with the silk grey blouse underneath. Ok, the technicality of the jacket was very straight-jacket-esque, but I think the outfit *as a whole*, with it on, was pretty. Jonathan had a right to be upset. At least he didn’t go home.
  • Now, I’m not happy about Anthony going home, but out of that bottom two, it was the right result (since Mila wasn’t an option). That said, my only “issue” with Anthony’s, that I am amazed didn’t come up, was how it looked JUST LIKE EMILIO’S DRESS FROM EPISODE ONE. Same color, similar pattern and the criss-cross fabric strips at the bottom of the bodice? Same.
  • I hated Jay’s fabric, but loved his outfit. Huh.
  • Seth Aaron’s outfit was surely well put together, with impressive individual pieces, but I thought his print was garrish, ugly and really awful as a grid print. That jacket was a HOT MESS and I can’t imagine any woman actually wearing it. Sorry, but no. Top three? WTF.
  • Out of who was in the top three, given Emilio’s & Seth Aaron’s were not attractive but somehow got praised, Maya should have won. Michael Kors got it right: best print of the episode, hands down.


Now the topic of the week: next weeks’ preview. Take a look:

O.M.G. OMG GUYS WTF BBQ! I fled to Google to get to the bottom of this, and I fear I have sussed it out, and it is very, very sad. While this is my own speculation, I think I’m right, so please do not read if you don’t want to be horribly spoiled for the rest of Project Runway (including the finale).

So, another preview here spells it out: next week a designer decides to quit the competition, and an older designer is brought back. Our three returnee options: Ping, Jesse, Anthony. Best bet: Anthony, only because in every other season where there’s been a returnee twist, it’s been the last one eliminated. That said, I would find it interesting if it were Jesse.

But more importantly: who leaves? Well, Back in February, when PR had its shows for NY Fashion Week, the New York Post posted a round up of all the designers who showed. All ten of them. Yup, this year to really throw people off, the ten designers who were in the competition as of the show airing got to show at Fashion Week. While diabolical, this is kind of lame, because it means most of the season’s confessionals of ‘OMG I WILL DIE IF I DON’T GET TO SHOW AT FASHION WEEK’ are bullshit, because the top ten all got to show. Yeah, EXCEPT FOR ONE PERSON.

If you want to, take a look at the ten designers who showed. Note who isn’t there.

Maya. That’s right, folks. It looks like it’s Maya who is walking. And I am actually, genuinely shocked. Based on this week’s, I would have guessed Jonathan would flounce out of there, but to hear that it is Maya? Wow. Was she really so sore about never winning a challenge? Only next week will tell.

This also means that, never fear, Ping doesn’t come back. So it’s between Jesse and Anthony. For shock value, Jesse would be interesting, but Anthony makes the most sense.

And all of a sudden, this season of Project Runway is actually really, really good. Not because of the fashion, mind you, but good drama, on part with Project Runway Canada 2, Neurotic Boogaloo!

Best pattern

Worst hands down

Graffiti rip-off

Emilio rip-off

Neon green no

just NO.

Not THAT bad

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  1. Beyonce is so talented! I was born and raised in Houston too! Nice to see a fellow Texan from my home town make it to the top!

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