DRad in How To Succeed – Aaaawwwwkkkward

I feel slightly awkward watching Daniel Radcliffe be slightly awkward in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: His dancing is quite fluid in some places, but wholly awkward and cringe-worthy in others. The singing is impressive, but in a “wow, yeah, I guess Daniel Radcliffe can sing” kind of way, and not in … Continue reading

Navel Gazing: Weight Loss/Fitness Blog Spin-off title/domain?

I really want to go self-hosted, and with that comes the option to develop Mavenity a bit further. The first thing I’d like to do is split off my weight loss/health/fitness posts into their own blog. I need help coming up with the right name/.com for the project. So I created a poll! Please vote … Continue reading

The Evolving/Devolving Culture of Connection: Social Media & Friendship

Recently, I had lunch with Louis Peitzman, a writer for tv.com. Louis and I met once at a college press junket in 2005: we shared a van together to a screening of Brokeback Mountain. Facebook was still shiny and new back then, and all of the college press members eagerly added each other as Facebook … Continue reading

This week in YouTube: racist rants, hilarious rebuttals & Rebecca Black (it’s FRIE-DAY!)

It’s been a banner week for YouTube and viral videos! First some dumb chick at UCLA posted a racist rant against Asians in the library (and in general), then the world learned that Friday comes after Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday after that. That’s right: Rebecca Black, and her viral video “Friday.” Better yet, both … Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Germany – Lena & “Taken By a Stranger”

It is not uncommon for the winning country to rest on their laurels in their hosting year, presenting a so-so song, as back-to-back wins happen rarely.  So it’s not like we were expecting a corker from Germany. First, they announced almost immediately that Lena would be representing them again, I suppose trying to ride on … Continue reading