This week in YouTube: racist rants, hilarious rebuttals & Rebecca Black (it’s FRIE-DAY!)

It’s been a banner week for YouTube and viral videos! First some dumb chick at UCLA posted a racist rant against Asians in the library (and in general), then the world learned that Friday comes after Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday after that. That’s right: Rebecca Black, and her viral video “Friday.”

Better yet, both sensations have inspired pretty good comedic responses — UCLA girl mostly videos, and Ms. Rebecca many, MANY Facebook events & memes. Normally, I don’t find viral sensations blog worthy (though they may go on the Tumblr), but this post is so the wonderful response vids have a unifed home. Let’s start with the UCLA girl who posted a rant about Asians in the library, which the Internet inevitably found and went to town on.

The original racist rant:

Awesome comedic rebuttal:

And an amazing SONG:

I have to say I do find it sad that people have figured out the girl’s identity and may have gone after her. She’s an idiot, but that’s not cool. :/

Then there’s Rebecca Black, who has exploded to such a degree that it seems redundant to post her video. I will anyway. In less than a week, Friday has over 15 MILLION hits. Monday morning the blogosphere exploded not only with the video, but with the story: Rebecca is the product of the vanity publishing arm of the music industry, Ark Music Factory, which charges rich folks & the severely delusional $$$ for a “record deal” which is basically a song, studio production, SEVERE auto-tune and a professional music video. It’s pretty much churning out cheese-tastic 3rd rate pop songs by 13-year-olds. I have to say, I would have EATEN THIS SHIT UP when I was 13. If I’d had rich parents.

Friday by Rebecca Black

It doesn’t seem *that* funny at first… until you get to the random black rapper breakdown and the bridge wherein Rebecca informs us in which order the days of the week fall. Deep stuff.

There are SO MANY FREAKING PARODIES. Thus far I haven’t seen a *really* good one (just wait), but I did really enjoy this acoustic cover/summary:

“Obligatory black rapper time.” TOUCHE.

A fairly decent cover, actually:

And another one, just posted this morning:

All songs need a dubstep remix

And this gif makes me gigglesnort every time

Allegedly this is pink dancing girl’s Tumblr

I feel bad for Rebecca Black, actually. I would have LOVED the whole “make a record/video!” thing at her age, and I give her props for choosing to sing something she could actually relate to (even with dumb lyrics) over a love song she felt she was too young for. Read this interview with her and her mother in The Daily Beast.

Update: Rebecca performing “acoustic” has just hit YouTube:

She’s a little pitchy, but not as God awful a singer as the auto-tune would have you think.

2 Responses to “This week in YouTube: racist rants, hilarious rebuttals & Rebecca Black (it’s FRIE-DAY!)”
  1. Adrienne says:

    Katherine wanted me to sing her this song before she went to bed tonight. Charlie shakes his little tush and yells along to the video that is demanded all the blessed day long. So, who wins in the end? Rebecca Black does.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Although, to be fair, neither one of them are yet clear about the order of the days of the week. So maybe they are the intended audience. It is, in fact, an educational tool.

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