Navel Gazing: Weight Loss/Fitness Blog Spin-off title/domain?

I really want to go self-hosted, and with that comes the option to develop Mavenity a bit further. The first thing I’d like to do is split off my weight loss/health/fitness posts into their own blog. I need help coming up with the right name/.com for the project. So I created a poll! Please vote and comment!

3 Responses to “Navel Gazing: Weight Loss/Fitness Blog Spin-off title/domain?”
  1. I think it should include your twitter name in the url somehow so that it’s easy to connect the two. It’ll be better for your “brand” too. Good luck with your new blog!

  2. Robin says:

    I like navel-grazing – it’s very cute in a wink-wink way.

    I actually really, really don’t like Obviously as you know I am a little weird about this stuff, but to me it just equates thinner = better. I know it’s not what you’re going for but it feels like it’s got a message which is not your message.

    • clarely says:

      I really like navel-grazing, too, but someone mentioned that it doesn’t quite encompass the breadth of my topics because, to be fair, it kind of indicates writing specifically about food/eating. But I think it’s cute, lol. was the last thing that popped into my head this afternoon. It’s a common theme among weight loss bloggers and I do agree that it may incorrectly communicate a thinner = better message. I was thinking more along the lines of getting fitter, but it is a very fine line. I do like the Fiona Apple reference though 🙂

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