DRad in How To Succeed – Aaaawwwwkkkward

I feel slightly awkward watching Daniel Radcliffe be slightly awkward in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying:

His dancing is quite fluid in some places, but wholly awkward and cringe-worthy in others. The singing is impressive, but in a “wow, yeah, I guess Daniel Radcliffe can sing” kind of way, and not in a “why, yes, it is worth shelling out $$$ for Broadway tickets” way. In fact, his voice is clearly not wholly supported in some bits, especially the big, belty pieces – can he really sing through 9 shows a week?

Like with Equus, surely he’ll grow into the role, but seeing this clip I’m just not sure it’s worth making an expensive trip across the country to see it, now that I live in L.A. Worth a Boston to NYC? Yes. L.A. to NYC? No.

Oh, my darling DRad. I’m afraid you are just another celebrity headlining a Broadway show. This makes me sadface.

Also, I love you Daniel (really), but you will ALWAYS be super awkward kissing women.


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