Toddlers & Tiaras redux: Makenzie’s back… and slightly improved?

She’s baaaaccckkkkk. Ok, technically she’s back as of a few months ago, but I am way behind on my favorite crack-cocaine show, Toddlers & Tiaras. A spike of hits a few weeks ago (guess because of a Superbowl Sunday TLC marathon?) reminded me that, OH YEAH, our favorite Southern drawling darling Makenzie has been featured … Continue reading

The Lazy Fashionista: Quick curls for “straight” girls

You know the story: girls with curly hair, covet lustrous, straight locks. And girls with straight hair, desperately wish their hair was curly. The grass is greener on the other side, etc. etc. I am one of those girls with straight hair, who spent many hours as a teenager, in vain, trying to get my … Continue reading

$85 haircuts, Disneyland, Top Chefs and other very L.A. things

January has been the month of going full tilt at the “going California” thing. Not only did I start going to the gym, I had my inaugural “exorbitantly priced L.A. haircut,” went to Disneyland AND dined at the establishment of a real Top Chef — and HE WAS THERE. It’s been epic. First, my hair. … Continue reading

NZNTM 2×03 – giant hamster balls, mud pits and underage nudity!

It feels like NZNTM has really kicked off — the girls do a photo shoot worthy of high fashion, plus an off-screen under-age nudity scandal! Oooh! But first, lots of bitching. This week, there’s a lot of Amelia hate, as the girls have suddenly backed off Lauren. Dacota is the main one leading the charge, … Continue reading

AuNTM 6×06 – Snakes & Crocodile tears

I know it seems as if every week is a turning point week, but this one was significant: the week the two top contenders were put to the test. One rose to the occasion, and the other showed her fatal weakness. First, Jez Smith has a one-on-one session with each girl to work on their … Continue reading

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