NZNTM 2×03 – giant hamster balls, mud pits and underage nudity!

It feels like NZNTM has really kicked off — the girls do a photo shoot worthy of high fashion, plus an off-screen under-age nudity scandal! Oooh! But first, lots of bitching. This week, there’s a lot of Amelia hate, as the girls have suddenly backed off Lauren. Dacota is the main one leading the charge, … Continue reading

AuNTM 6×06 – Snakes & Crocodile tears

I know it seems as if every week is a turning point week, but this one was significant: the week the two top contenders were put to the test. One rose to the occasion, and the other showed her fatal weakness. First, Jez Smith has a one-on-one session with each girl to work on their … Continue reading

BNTM 6×08 – Norwegian glaciers, nipples (yes, AGAIN) & funny hats

I feel like a broken record — Britain’s Next Top Model, naked girls, nipples, exploitation, blah blah blah. Seriously: another week, and the girls once again were BARELY CLOTHED for half of it. There were full-on, gratuitous nipple shots. Who is this show FOR? (it’s not women)  Let’s ride out this season, but expect a … Continue reading

New Zealand’s Next Top Model 2×01/02 – Kiwis back with diverse group of girls, including TWINS

Oh, Lord give me STRENGTH, how am I supposed to juggle not one, not two, but THREE international fashion reality shows at once? Christmas has come early. After it’s rather impressive first series, New Zealand’s Next Top Model is back for a second season. Sara Tetro is still pretty damn annoying (and full of herself), … Continue reading

AuNTM 6×05 – Go-sees, Impulse & a shocking elimination

This week is the big one — go-sees. First the girls get the once over from Priscilla Leighton Clark, who is disappointed in everyone except for Amanda, in terms of basic style. Sophie gets called out once again for wearing too much make-up, and Priscilla calls her outfit like a “call girl.” Ouch. Then the … Continue reading

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