The Lazy Fashionista: Quick curls for “straight” girls

You know the story: girls with curly hair, covet lustrous, straight locks. And girls with straight hair, desperately wish their hair was curly. The grass is greener on the other side, etc. etc. I am one of those girls with straight hair, who spent many hours as a teenager, in vain, trying to get my … Continue reading

The Lazy Fashionista: Save or Splurge? (Drug store brand vs. Department store)

Jezebel is discussing drug store brands vs. department store brands for makeup. They ask the question: spend or save? This is a really good topic to discuss, especially for women who want to balance no-fuss with decent cost and looking good. I used to exclusively buy drug store brands when I was younger — Cover … Continue reading

The Lazy Fashionista: Winter Hair Woes? Try Deep Conditioning Treatments

Boston’s October-November cold snap has given way to a deep December freeze, and with it, with winter arsenal has come out of retirement — thermal curtains installed on the windows, down comforter taken out of storage, ankle length Marshmallow Fluff coat out of the closet, silly looking hat salvaged from a box somewhere, intensive lotion … Continue reading

The Lazy Fashionista: Welcome to the Ion hairdryer revolution

Every so often we adopt a new beauty routine (or buy a particular item of clothing), and wonder how we ever lived without it. And maybe we kick ourselves for not trying it sooner. I am behind when it comes to ion hairdryers. I’ve heard them touted as a miracle hair solution, and even read … Continue reading

The Lazy Fashionista: Moisturizer to live by

At first glance, I’m anything but a fashionista: geeky glasses, overweight, basic hair, minimal makeup, comfy shoes and anything-but-ueber trendy, borderline tortuous fashion. But, secretly, I am a discerning observer of fashion and beauty trends or, really, what are the smartest, cheapest ways to be beautiful, classy and, frankly, lazy. No daily routines from this … Continue reading

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