Cat lady wisdom – essentials learned from Pam Johnson-Bennett

Combine a cat lady with a bookworm, and you get someone who has read a lot about cats. There’s a LOT of blather online about pet care, some of it right, some wrong and a lot anecdotal.Even if you’ve grown up with cats, a lot of general ideas about cat ownership are wrong, or at … Continue reading

Book Blather: All Clear

  WARNING! Here be spoilers for Blackout and All Clear… All Clear, Connie Willis’ conclusion of the story started in early 2010’s Blackout , answers all the questions posed in its predecessor. The most notable of which — “was it really necessary to cut the story into two books… or as long?” — is answered … Continue reading

Hot topic for the week: it sucks to be a woman writer

What an interesting week for discussion of women writers! Lots of female authors saying some “controversial” things (though only really controversial if you really like white, male writers and are butthurt that women writers point out that you’re super biased against them). For starters, A.S. Byatt, the award-winning novelist who wrote Posession (and more recently, … Continue reading

Book Blather: The Dresden Files – Changes

SPOILER WARNING: here be massive plot spoilers. Don’t read if you haven’t read the book! Also, sorry for the delay. I just couldn’t get enthused enough to review… uh  oh! Talk about a literal title — the latest in The Dresden Files series, Changes, is all about, well, changes. Some foretell an exciting turn in … Continue reading

Jennifer Weiner is awesome, helps debut author get their footing

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Weiner for sometime, and maintain that she is the best author writing in her genre today (her genre being chick lit… transcended, ie: better than chick lit, despite being labeled as such!). Her novels are smart, funny and engaging, just like the author herself. Well, if her novels weren’t … Continue reading

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