DRad in How To Succeed – Aaaawwwwkkkward

I feel slightly awkward watching Daniel Radcliffe be slightly awkward in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: His dancing is quite fluid in some places, but wholly awkward and cringe-worthy in others. The singing is impressive, but in a “wow, yeah, I guess Daniel Radcliffe can sing” kind of way, and not in … Continue reading

On Hunger Games casting: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

Huge news on The Hunger Games movie front: according to The Wrap’s exclusive report, we have our Katniss! She is 20-year-old Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence, and according to Variety, she beat out younger actresses Abigail Breslin & Hailee Steinfeld for the role. Predictably, some people are upset, with Jezebel going to far as to cry … Continue reading

Toddlers & Tiaras redux: Makenzie’s back… and slightly improved?

She’s baaaaccckkkkk. Ok, technically she’s back as of a few months ago, but I am way behind on my favorite crack-cocaine show, Toddlers & Tiaras. A spike of hits a few weeks ago (guess because of a Superbowl Sunday TLC marathon?) reminded me that, OH YEAH, our favorite Southern drawling darling Makenzie has been featured … Continue reading

Cat lady wisdom – essentials learned from Pam Johnson-Bennett

Combine a cat lady with a bookworm, and you get someone who has read a lot about cats. There’s a LOT of blather online about pet care, some of it right, some wrong and a lot anecdotal.Even if you’ve grown up with cats, a lot of general ideas about cat ownership are wrong, or at … Continue reading

Adventures in online dating: I joined eHarmony (oh dear)

Being the glut for punishment that I am, I decided last weekend to try eHarmony, and actually pay for it. Recent experience on OKCupid has me convinced that I am a) old b) fat and c) totally lame, because those are the only explanations for why the only responses I’ve had from three months of … Continue reading

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