On Hunger Games casting: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

Huge news on The Hunger Games movie front: according to The Wrap’s exclusive report, we have our Katniss! She is 20-year-old Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence, and according to Variety, she beat out younger actresses Abigail Breslin & Hailee Steinfeld for the role. Predictably, some people are upset, with Jezebel going to far as to cry … Continue reading

Review: Saw 3D (for the Saw franchise novice)

I have never seen any of the Saw films. Well, correction. I had never seen a single Saw film, until I saw Saw 3D Wednesday night. It was… interesting. Let me say this upfront: if you like torture porn, 3D movies and the Saw franchise, you’ll probably be happy. Saw “virgins,” such as myself? Might … Continue reading

Inception, by way of Dallas

OH HAI, OBLIGATORY INCEPTION POST. So, yeah. I saw Inception. AND I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. You can’t talk about Inception without having spoilers, to FYI… While I wasn’t as swept away by the mind-fuckery as many (I didn’t find the film that confusing, personally, and loved the complexity of it), I am just loving … Continue reading

Belgian girl’s choir cover of Creep makes The Social Network trailer kind of AMAZING

God help us all, they made a movie about Facebook. Will I see it? Um YES. Jesse Eisenberg + set in Boston + about Facebook, which I joined in its first month, so I can gloat about being an early adopter? = YES. But it will probably be a shitty movie. The second trailer, and … Continue reading

Trailer Trash: Titanic 2… FOR REALZ (no, really, it’s real)

Um. I have no words. This? Is REAL: Not to be confused with this classic spoof trailer, which has had over 10 million hits since being posted in April 2006: Just… wow. This is an actual “sequel” being produced by direct-to-DVD company The Asylum. They’ve also produced a slew of titles you’ve never heard of, … Continue reading

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