Cat lady wisdom – essentials learned from Pam Johnson-Bennett

Combine a cat lady with a bookworm, and you get someone who has read a lot about cats. There’s a LOT of blather online about pet care, some of it right, some wrong and a lot anecdotal.Even if you’ve grown up with cats, a lot of general ideas about cat ownership are wrong, or at … Continue reading

Adventures in online dating: I joined eHarmony (oh dear)

Being the glut for punishment that I am, I decided last weekend to try eHarmony, and actually pay for it. Recent experience on OKCupid has me convinced that I am a) old b) fat and c) totally lame, because those are the only explanations for why the only responses I’ve had from three months of … Continue reading

Book Blather: All Clear

  WARNING! Here be spoilers for Blackout and All Clear… All Clear, Connie Willis’ conclusion of the story started in early 2010’s Blackout , answers all the questions posed in its predecessor. The most notable of which — “was it really necessary to cut the story into two books… or as long?” — is answered … Continue reading

Review: Saw 3D (for the Saw franchise novice)

I have never seen any of the Saw films. Well, correction. I had never seen a single Saw film, until I saw Saw 3D Wednesday night. It was… interesting. Let me say this upfront: if you like torture porn, 3D movies and the Saw franchise, you’ll probably be happy. Saw “virgins,” such as myself? Might … Continue reading

Inception, by way of Dallas

OH HAI, OBLIGATORY INCEPTION POST. So, yeah. I saw Inception. AND I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. You can’t talk about Inception without having spoilers, to FYI… While I wasn’t as swept away by the mind-fuckery as many (I didn’t find the film that confusing, personally, and loved the complexity of it), I am just loving … Continue reading

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