Toddlers & Tiaras redux: Makenzie’s back… and slightly improved?

She’s baaaaccckkkkk. Ok, technically she’s back as of a few months ago, but I am way behind on my favorite crack-cocaine show, Toddlers & Tiaras. A spike of hits a few weeks ago (guess because of a Superbowl Sunday TLC marathon?) reminded me that, OH YEAH, our favorite Southern drawling darling Makenzie has been featured … Continue reading

Heavy vs. The Biggest Loser – is reality “fat” TV any good for us?

A part of my “diet plan” this time around is to watch reality shows that show obese people triumphing over fat, uttering cliches into the camera, tears and sweat running down their chubby faces as music swells in the background. Why? A mixture of positive and negative reinforcement, watching something like The Biggest Loser reminds … Continue reading

Hollywood’s U.K. remake problem: dark & witty + gloss = fail

Shameless premiered the other week on Showtime. Being Human and Skins debuted on Syfy and MTV this week, respectively. It’s the new British invasion, and it brings up the time old argument: why does Hollywood keep screwing with amazing British TV series? Why won’t they just air the originals? Can a U.S. remake actually work? … Continue reading

Bridalplasty makes me hate women, weddings and myself

Against my will and better judgment, I have become entangled in the worst reality show on TV – Bridalplasty. Think “The Swan,” make them brides, and imagine them competing against each other for plastic surgery procedures and the “perfect” wedding. It’s a clusterf*ck of feminism! When I first heard about the show, I resolved never, … Continue reading

Product placement on TV is getting RIDIC

I was watching Bones last week, when a scene stopped me short, pause the video stream (love Hulu) and laugh. Temperance Brennan — cool, calm, unruffled Temperance — stops Booth mid-interrogation to check a text from her phone. Her WINDOWS 7 MOBILE PHONE, Y’ALL. A gratuitous close-up follows, and a painfully drawn out sequence of … Continue reading

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