Lost 6×14 – The Candidate, or The Poseidon Adventure, only on a sub and without Gene Hackman

Lost. LOST. … OH NO YOU DIDN’T. So, I’ve finally drug myself out of the emotional stupor Tuesday’s episode (which I watched Thursday) drove me into, because GUYZ, SRSLY, A LOT OF CHARACTERS DIED THIS WEEK. STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON’T LIKE SPOILERS. OR GRIM REMINDERS OF DEEP, EMOTIONAL PAIN. To wit: Locke & … Continue reading

Over the Rainbow 1×07/08 — Ease on down the road, Emilie (plz?)

After last week’s huge shock, that saw Bronte go home and Lauren in the bottom two, this should be an interesting night. Will Over the Rainbow get back on track, sending home the weakest singers, or will the audience vote against the most quirky, talented performers? It’s dance week, which pretty much means that Sophie … Continue reading

Lost 6×11 – Happily Ever After, or the world isn’t worth living in if there’s no Desmond/Penny

DESMOND EPISODE TIME. Some of the all-time best episodes of Lost ever are Desmond episodes, so this should be fun. And, as Lindelof said last week, IT’S A GAME CHANGER. SUCK IT, BIZARRO WORLD. Ahem. Sooooooo, where we left off last, Desmond is The Package and Widmore wants to show Jin something. Surprise! It’s a … Continue reading

Lost 6×10 – The Package, or Who cares what happens, DESMOND IS BACK

In the most important development of this season so far, Desmond finally freaking showed up. Oh, and there was some Sun & Jin content in there that was kind of meh. After what feels like two entire seasons of Sun & Jin trying to find each other on the Island (but is really more like … Continue reading

Lost 6×09 – Ab Aeterno (aka: LostAmistad)

While I realize that skipping over a Sawyer episode is a crime in some countries, it just seems to ridiculous to post a recap of last week’s episode at this point. Thus, I will sum up my thoughts simply: Sawyer’s life in Bizarro World, wherein he and Miles star in a buddy cop comedy, is … Continue reading

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