Toddlers & Tiaras redux: Makenzie’s back… and slightly improved?

She’s baaaaccckkkkk. Ok, technically she’s back as of a few months ago, but I am way behind on my favorite crack-cocaine show, Toddlers & Tiaras. A spike of hits a few weeks ago (guess because of a Superbowl Sunday TLC marathon?) reminded me that, OH YEAH, our favorite Southern drawling darling Makenzie has been featured … Continue reading

Bridalplasty makes me hate women, weddings and myself

Against my will and better judgment, I have become entangled in the worst reality show on TV – Bridalplasty. Think “The Swan,” make them brides, and imagine them competing against each other for plastic surgery procedures and the “perfect” wedding. It’s a clusterf*ck of feminism! When I first heard about the show, I resolved never, … Continue reading

Where are they now?: after Over the Rainbow

We spend so much time investing in reality TV, but rarely hear about what happens to the “losers” after the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s talent competitions are particularly addictive, with the amount of time spent making you care about people who are genuinely talented — there are some gimmicks, but the shows are generally stacked … Continue reading

NZNTM 2×03 – giant hamster balls, mud pits and underage nudity!

It feels like NZNTM has really kicked off — the girls do a photo shoot worthy of high fashion, plus an off-screen under-age nudity scandal! Oooh! But first, lots of bitching. This week, there’s a lot of Amelia hate, as the girls have suddenly backed off Lauren. Dacota is the main one leading the charge, … Continue reading

AuNTM 6×06 – Snakes & Crocodile tears

I know it seems as if every week is a turning point week, but this one was significant: the week the two top contenders were put to the test. One rose to the occasion, and the other showed her fatal weakness. First, Jez Smith has a one-on-one session with each girl to work on their … Continue reading

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