Hollywood’s U.K. remake problem: dark & witty + gloss = fail

Shameless premiered the other week on Showtime. Being Human and Skins debuted on Syfy and MTV this week, respectively. It’s the new British invasion, and it brings up the time old argument: why does Hollywood keep screwing with amazing British TV series? Why won’t they just air the originals? Can a U.S. remake actually work? … Continue reading

Where are they now?: after Over the Rainbow

We spend so much time investing in reality TV, but rarely hear about what happens to the “losers” after the show. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s talent competitions are particularly addictive, with the amount of time spent making you care about people who are genuinely talented — there are some gimmicks, but the shows are generally stacked … Continue reading

BNTM 6×05 – Sweet Like Chocolate (+ Robot!Beyonce)

This week is all about being a spokesmodel for a product, leading us to the week’s Totally Gratuitous Celebrity Plug by Beyonce, or, really Pre-Recorded Beyonce Robot. Seriously — worst delivery EVER. (and so incredibly obviously recorded ahead of time). Beyonce is hocking a new perfume in the UK, and the girls are recording a … Continue reading

Eurovision 2010: UK “Your Country Needs You” debuts Hallmark card pop song; shitty choices to sing it

Holy Moly! I am nearly a week off of Your Country Needs You! Not recommended the week of the UK song decision: a four day business trip to Los Angeles, followed by two days of recovering from jet lag. SO NOT condusive to TV watching! BUT ANYWAY! It’s finally here! The UK’s deciding night — … Continue reading

Popstar to Opera Star, episode two

Well, let me begin by saying that I had no idea that so many people would find my review, via a Darius Campbell webforum. Um, hi? I’m kind of scared to be hard on him now, honestly *nervous chuckle* And, really, I do think the key change comment was valid, and not meant as a … Continue reading

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