Liveblogging Eurovision: pt 4 — RESULTS!

And that’s it, folks. All 25 acts. It went pretty much as I thought, and I was only surprised by one or two, mostly the songs chosen in the last six weeks when I haven’t really been online and following things πŸ˜€ As we wait for votes to be tallied, here are my person top … Continue reading

Liveblogging Eurovision, pt3

17. GermanyDEUTSCHLAND! Crazyily enough, I have not listened to this yet. I know, so bad. I ❀ Germany… so let's see. OH HAI DITA VON TEASE. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. Germany, I fear, shall rest in the bottom half of the score board. Hopefully not last like last year, though. Oh, I … Continue reading

Liveblogging Eurovision, pt 2!

Let’s take this slight break while my eyes glaze over watching Greece to talk about the title cards. I don’t know if I like them more than what Serbia did last year with the painted flags, but I do like them. I like the swooping camera movements over flipping “pages” (like a pop-up book) of … Continue reading

Live blogging Eurovision 2009 pt 1!

IT’S HERE!!!!! For those who want to watch, you can stream the show LIVE here. Okay, Cirque du Soleil. Fun times. Ah, now we’ve got Dima Bilan’s song… with a Mary Poppins inspired hobo flying over the audience… oh, it’s Dima! nice. Techno version and stripping — I approve! … Dima’s kind of hot with … Continue reading

Eurovision: I don’t know, Georgia

Georgia has chosen their entry for the Eurovision song contest, after stating they wouldn’t participate, then changing their mind. I would have totally supported their not participating, after what Russia did last August. (I was standing in an elevator with a TV in it, saw the report, and appreciated the bitter irony that Georgia’s entry … Continue reading

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