Songs that should have won Eurovision – 2007 to 2010

Last Eurovision post of the year, I promise. Kind of. You know what’s frustrating? Seeing songs win Eurovision that essentially use clever cheating tactics. Russia’s 2008 winning song was co-written/produced by an American. So was Germany’s 2010 winner, Satellite. Serious props to my country and its pop-chops, but isn’t the point of Eurovision to highlight … Continue reading

Eurovision Flashmob 2010: best flashmob EVAR

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks, but right after the show, full versions weren’t yet online. Remember when I raved about the OMG AMAZING flashmob dance from Eurovision? Here it is, in it’s entirety. Generally, I find flashmobs a wee bit silly, but you can’t deny how cool this clip is — it’s … Continue reading

Live blogging Eurovision – RESULTS!

Time for the results! But first, my personal top five, based on the live show: Romania Georgia Denmark Azerbaijan Iceland Is that who will win? Probably not — there are a lot of contenders, and it will all be down to how Europe is feeling tonight. There are many candidates to take the top prize, … Continue reading

Live blogging Eurovision 2010!

WELCOME TO LIVE-BLOGGING EUROVISION 2010! Well, it was a close one, but I made it to a TV! I am currently sat in the home of a lovely native German, who is serving me cake and tea. Amazing. Let’s jump right in, as I’m late (literally sat down just as Azerbaijan was starting!). Azerbaijan Oh, … Continue reading

Eurovision 2010: state of the contest, post-semi finals

The Eurovision 2010 semi-finals are over, and at last we know the final line-up. Let’s start with the TRAGEDY of Eurovision 2010: Lithuania and East European Funk are out. WHY? WHY, EUROPE, WHY? Seriously voting fail. I would check out the feed to see if they tanked it live, but alas my hotel seems … Continue reading

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