Navel Gazing: Weight Loss/Fitness Blog Spin-off title/domain?

I really want to go self-hosted, and with that comes the option to develop Mavenity a bit further. The first thing I’d like to do is split off my weight loss/health/fitness posts into their own blog. I need help coming up with the right name/.com for the project. So I created a poll! Please vote … Continue reading

Some things taste better than skinny feels: food guilt, control issues & fat kid honesty

Ah, that famous Kate Moss quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Well, it’s TOTAL BULLSHIT. A LOT of things taste as good as thin feels, and better. (hellooooo bacon) This is how I know my new Weight Watchers leader is the one for me – she feels the same way. She even threw … Continue reading

“Fat” Girl Shopping

This past Saturday I went clothes shopping for the first time in a long time, and the first time since I started my diet efforts anew. It’s important to shop through your weight loss, celebrating the small victories — dropping a dress size, or even just fitting better into the same one. Despite the fact … Continue reading

Debunking Weight Watchers myths

There’s been a lot of Weight Watchers hate on Jezebel recently, which brought into focus some of the common misconceptions about the program that I’ve heard repeatedly. I’ve blogged plenty of times about various elements of being a Weight Watchers, but always with the assumption that my audience “got it” the way the I do. … Continue reading

CA mom SHOCKED to find out Nutella is NOT a healthy food, sues

Oh dear sweet Lord. Should have seen this one coming. In yet another stunning example (mom sues McDonalds, anyone?) of stupid Americans being stupid, then being litigious and making the United States look silly and gullible, a San Diego mom is suing Nutella for their misleading claims that Nutella is healthy. Funny thing is, I … Continue reading

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