CA mom SHOCKED to find out Nutella is NOT a healthy food, sues

Oh dear sweet Lord. Should have seen this one coming. In yet another stunning example (mom sues McDonalds, anyone?) of stupid Americans being stupid, then being litigious and making the United States look silly and gullible, a San Diego mom is suing Nutella for their misleading claims that Nutella is healthy. Funny thing is, I … Continue reading

REVIEW: Oregon Trail on Facebook – first days

The (90s nostalgic) world was all aflutter last week  when The Learning Company posted this teaser trailer for a “new” Facebook game: That’s right! Just when you thought you had kicked your Facebook game addiction (I’ve been “clean” more than a year!), TLC is bringing back The Oregon Trail (and Carmen Sandiego, in a few … Continue reading

The Chipmunks Adventure explains so much about the Millennial, post-feminist girl

Whilst listening to The Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack at work, I tumbled enthusiastically about how OMG, the movie is TOTALLY pro-women’s lib. While my observation of two rather kick-ass tracks is certainly true, if you listen to all the Chipette’s songs and think about some of the sequences in the film, it actually says a lot … Continue reading

20 years ago, the Berlin Wall came down, but for East Germans, the journey was just beginning

Today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, an iconic day in modern world history, and one that holds some deal of personal meaning to me. The New York Times has devoted an entire section of its website to this day, with a series of articles. I highly suggest you read … Continue reading


My early nerdism manifested itself interestingly. I didn’t watch Star Wars or Star Trek, nor did I precociously chow down on Michael Critchon novels (Les Mis was more my style, which I attempted to read — unabridged — at age 10), or even watch Sci-Fi/Fantasy on TV. Nope, I collected Archie comics. Yes, comics, but … Continue reading

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