$85 haircuts, Disneyland, Top Chefs and other very L.A. things

January has been the month of going full tilt at the “going California” thing. Not only did I start going to the gym, I had my inaugural “exorbitantly priced L.A. haircut,” went to Disneyland AND dined at the establishment of a real Top Chef — and HE WAS THERE. It’s been epic. First, my hair. … Continue reading

Observations of L.A., one month in

So I’ve been in L.A. for one month, as of today! It’s been good so far, though apparently I brought Boston weather with me, as it has consistently been chilly (i.e. 60 degrees… LOL) with intermittent rain storms (read: light misty rain). I don’t mind it at all, but it’s very atypical. ANYWAY, I have … Continue reading

Whoops! Life ate me.

Well, I’m in Los Angeles. Not that anyone would know, given it’s been radio silence here on Mavenity for more than a month. SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT but I’VE HAD NO INTERNET. In summary: I ended my previous job. I packed all my (worthy) worldly possessions and shipped them to California (ouch, my wallet). … Continue reading

California dreamin’ (or, I am moving to L.A.)

Life is funny. One day, I’m feeling bored with Boston (<3 it… but it’s been 8 years), super stressed at work, daydreaming of moving to the sunny West Coast. Then a dream job opportunity falls in my lap and BAM! I’m moving to Los Angeles in five weeks. NOPE NOT DREAMING, THAT HAPPENED. So I’m … Continue reading

Jury duty was EPIC

Guys. GUYS. Seriously. Jury duty was EPICALLY AMAZING. I went in dreading it, especially the possibility of getting stuck on a lengthy trial. And I kind of did get stuck on a “lengthy” trial — lasting two days instead of the requisite one, but being in a real live (if rather dinky) court room with … Continue reading

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