This week in YouTube: racist rants, hilarious rebuttals & Rebecca Black (it’s FRIE-DAY!)

It’s been a banner week for YouTube and viral videos! First some dumb chick at UCLA posted a racist rant against Asians in the library (and in general), then the world learned that Friday comes after Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday after that. That’s right: Rebecca Black, and her viral video “Friday.” Better yet, both … Continue reading

Best Flash Mobs EVAR

I am a sucker for flash mobs. I know people think they are cheesy and lame, but they just fill me with this bubbling sense of pure JOY when I watch them (when they are well executed). Well, let’s clarify: flash mobs are awesome when they involve song and dance. I’m not talking about 400 … Continue reading

Most Ridiculous Sexy _______ Costumes (Hosted on Facebook)

It’s that time of year again — Halloween is only four days away. Time flies. And the costume industry is an unchanging beast. To supplement last years This Year I’d Like to Be a Slutty Tax Accountant post (amazingly, a LOT of people search for sexy accountants on Google. ODD), I’ve posted a fun gallery … Continue reading

LOL: Antoine Dodson gets his own Auto-Tune the News

Do you know who Antoine Dodson is? Well, you will now. He’s become the hottest viral video sensation (of, like, the last 48 hours), since a news clip of him talking about the man who tried rape his sister. He’s a colorful personality, and uses some choice phrases, such as “hide your kids, hide your … Continue reading

Trailer Trash: Titanic 2… FOR REALZ (no, really, it’s real)

Um. I have no words. This? Is REAL: Not to be confused with this classic spoof trailer, which has had over 10 million hits since being posted in April 2006: Just… wow. This is an actual “sequel” being produced by direct-to-DVD company The Asylum. They’ve also produced a slew of titles you’ve never heard of, … Continue reading

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