Summit Entertainment doesn’t like your t-shirt: Twilight fandom gets sued for copyright infringement

So I’m no fan of Twilight, but an opinion piece in The Washington Post alerted me to something fundamentally foreboding: Summit Entertainment, the film company who has licensed the Twilight series and its merchandising, has sued a Twilight fan magazine, the filmmakers who made a documentary on Forks, WA, and sent cease and desists to … Continue reading

Hallelujah, I finally own an Android phone – the TMobile MyTouch Slide by HTC

Well, it was a two year wait, but I finally got a smart phone — first I waited a year for the Android to hit the market, then a further year to qualify for an upgrade. Here’s an overview of what works/doesn’t work, bearing in mind that this is my first Android phone… so consider … Continue reading

Jury duty was EPIC

Guys. GUYS. Seriously. Jury duty was EPICALLY AMAZING. I went in dreading it, especially the possibility of getting stuck on a lengthy trial. And I kind of did get stuck on a “lengthy” trial — lasting two days instead of the requisite one, but being in a real live (if rather dinky) court room with … Continue reading

Review: Human Target – Fox’s new, surprise nerd-magnet action show

Human Target is one of those shows that I’m sure I’m supposed to hate, yet week after week, I find myself grinning giddily as I watch. Each week I’ve tuned in, sure that this is the week it’s all going to fall apart, but here we are at episode 4, and no luck yet. Fox’s … Continue reading

The Apple iPad: if you don’t have anything original to say, link to other people

Everyone has been buzzing about the iPad, and I’ve quite purposely refrained from posting about it. Why? Because I don’t have anything to say about it that others aren’t saying much better, and more wittily. I’m not an Apple fan to begin with, and in general I find it ridiculous, from the name down to … Continue reading

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