eHarmony: lawyers, fat hating and phone numbers

What a difference a week makes. Or a day, even. Not 24 hours after my last, exasperated post, I had some communication back, and found myself no longer staring at a page full of “waiting for responses” and “closed.” I don’t know if I just had to wait, or if tweaking my profile did it … Continue reading

Adventures in online dating: I joined eHarmony (oh dear)

Being the glut for punishment that I am, I decided last weekend to try eHarmony, and actually pay for it. Recent experience on OKCupid has me convinced that I am a) old b) fat and c) totally lame, because those are the only explanations for why the only responses I’ve had from three months of … Continue reading axes 5,000 “fatties”

My good friend, is back on my radar! A huge spike in my blog stats brought to  my attention that I am the third hit when one searched for “Beautiful People Rejection” – wonderful! Narcissistic Googling aside, the exercise lead me to this: axes 5,000 members for gaining weight (from The Daily Telegraph) … Continue reading

No Beautiful People for you!: REJECTED! and other thoughts on women, beauty and society

Friends, I am crushed. CRUSHED. For the Beautiful People of the world, or just the tiny percentage of shallow individuals interested in online dating, don’t think I am attractive enough to join, and join their illustrious circles. Am I surprised? No. As I mentioned in my introductory post, I am pretty average relative to … Continue reading

Online dating — like yo-yo dieting, only with more crazy

Online dating, like traditional dating, is draining. Only, unlike the bar and club scene, where you feel like a piece of meat being dangled above a pit of starving men but can selectively remove yourself from it, you can’t leave. Your profile is there for all to see, and if you hope to even try … Continue reading

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