Whoops! Life ate me.

Well, I’m in Los Angeles. Not that anyone would know, given it’s been radio silence here on Mavenity for more than a month. SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT but I’VE HAD NO INTERNET. In summary: I ended my previous job. I packed all my (worthy) worldly possessions and shipped them to California (ouch, my wallet). … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions… in blogging

Welcome to 2010, a whole new decade! The 2000s were the first decade that I actually can remember, start to finish, which is a little weird. But anyway, I’m not going to do a boring, self-aggrandizing post about my New Year’s resolutions. First of all, I’ve had the same two resolutions for the last ten … Continue reading

The BeautifulPeople.com experiment

The other day I watched a recent American Dad! episode, where Stan and Francine renew their vows, and when Francine “lets herself go” (fat, check; unibrow, check; crooked teeth, check), Stan blinds himself in order to stay married because “he loves her so much but can’t stand to look at her.” The moral of the … Continue reading

Online dating — like yo-yo dieting, only with more crazy

Online dating, like traditional dating, is draining. Only, unlike the bar and club scene, where you feel like a piece of meat being dangled above a pit of starving men but can selectively remove yourself from it, you can’t leave. Your profile is there for all to see, and if you hope to even try … Continue reading

Facebook, babies and stfuparents

I was just reading this comment debate on Salon.com about stfuparents and it got me thinking: I should have posted about this site previously. I twittered about it, of course (side note: I really don’t like the verb form to tweet… I’d rather make up a non-sense verb out of a proper noun XD), but … Continue reading

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