The Evolving/Devolving Culture of Connection: Social Media & Friendship

Recently, I had lunch with Louis Peitzman, a writer for Louis and I met once at a college press junket in 2005: we shared a van together to a screening of Brokeback Mountain. Facebook was still shiny and new back then, and all of the college press members eagerly added each other as Facebook … Continue reading

REVIEW: Oregon Trail on Facebook – first days

The (90s nostalgic) world was all aflutter last week  when The Learning Company posted this teaser trailer for a “new” Facebook game: That’s right! Just when you thought you had kicked your Facebook game addiction (I’ve been “clean” more than a year!), TLC is bringing back The Oregon Trail (and Carmen Sandiego, in a few … Continue reading

Why you should “like” Mavenity on Facebook

I know, I know. I feel a bit dirty, trust me. But the thing is, Facebook has changed.  We all know I’ve had my ups and downs… and downs with the site, like one has in one’s first long term relationship. That’s right — Facebook and I are on the sixth year of our Internet … Continue reading

Most Ridiculous Sexy _______ Costumes (Hosted on Facebook)

It’s that time of year again — Halloween is only four days away. Time flies. And the costume industry is an unchanging beast. To supplement last years This Year I’d Like to Be a Slutty Tax Accountant post (amazingly, a LOT of people search for sexy accountants on Google. ODD), I’ve posted a fun gallery … Continue reading

The Best (aka: Worst) of Slutty T(w)een Halloween Costumes (hosted on Facebook)

In honor of last year’s Slutty Halloween 2.0: Teen Edition post, here is the 2011 “update”: photo gallery with snarking! Hosted on Mavenity’s Facebook Fanpage. Click on the image to go to the gallery, and “like” Mavenity to get more Facebook exclusive content! Expect lots of fun stuff in the future — photo galleries, video … Continue reading

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