The Evolving/Devolving Culture of Connection: Social Media & Friendship

Recently, I had lunch with Louis Peitzman, a writer for Louis and I met once at a college press junket in 2005: we shared a van together to a screening of Brokeback Mountain. Facebook was still shiny and new back then, and all of the college press members eagerly added each other as Facebook … Continue reading

Manhattan Mommy sues preschool for killing 4-year-old’s Ivy League chances

The wackadoodle Manhattanite helicopter mommies are at it again: according to the NY Daily News, one such mom is suing a 19K a year elite pre-school for daring to provide a “playroom” for a four-year-old, when they should have been preparing her for admissions exams. Ah, Manhattan, where elite, private pre-schools that cost as much … Continue reading

USC frat boys to the world – women aren’t people!?, and other degrading vitriol

It’s a banner week for feminism and rape culture, and I’m torn between blind rage and breaking down and weeping. First 11-year-olds being blamed for their gang-rapes and now frat boys writing a modus operandi on sexually assaulting women, ne sex objects. This one’s right on my doorstep, too, an epic email from a USC … Continue reading

Perpetuating rape culture: NYT & other media coverage of Texas gang-rape incident appalling

Jezebel is spearheading a campaign against the stomach-turning, rapist-sympathizing coverage by the New York Times of a particularly heinous rape case. It’s been difficult for me to think about, let alone write about, but I think it is important that I try. The case, the town’s apparent reaction and the media coverage are a disheartening … Continue reading

Single Moms – bad for society? LAME.

The “most people think single moms are bad for society” research is being trotted out yet again. Dagnabbit, it’s high time I actually made a post about this. Harkening way back to the mid-90s, I was “that kid” who was so incensed by a John Stossel “Give Me a Break” on single moms and idiocy … Continue reading

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