USC frat boys to the world – women aren’t people!?, and other degrading vitriol

It’s a banner week for feminism and rape culture, and I’m torn between blind rage and breaking down and weeping. First 11-year-olds being blamed for their gang-rapes and now frat boys writing a modus operandi on sexually assaulting women, ne sex objects. This one’s right on my doorstep, too, an epic email from a USC … Continue reading

Perpetuating rape culture: NYT & other media coverage of Texas gang-rape incident appalling

Jezebel is spearheading a campaign against the stomach-turning, rapist-sympathizing coverage by the New York Times of a particularly heinous rape case. It’s been difficult for me to think about, let alone write about, but I think it is important that I try. The case, the town’s apparent reaction and the media coverage are a disheartening … Continue reading

NYU kids protest student loans; induce nationwide, collective eye roll

Ah, the Millennial entitlement battle rages on. They can’t seem to find a job, quarter life crises abound, and, DAGNABBIT, their dream schools — gasp! — cost a shit-ton of money. Yesterday in Manhattan, a gaggle of NYU students held a protest gallingly titled “Casualties of Debt,” organized, aptly, via Facebook and headlined by former … Continue reading

CA mom SHOCKED to find out Nutella is NOT a healthy food, sues

Oh dear sweet Lord. Should have seen this one coming. In yet another stunning example (mom sues McDonalds, anyone?) of stupid Americans being stupid, then being litigious and making the United States look silly and gullible, a San Diego mom is suing Nutella for their misleading claims that Nutella is healthy. Funny thing is, I … Continue reading

Marie Claire’s Maura Kelly puts her big fat foot in her skinny little mouth

Ok, so apparently she used to be anorexic, and that makes it ok for Marie Claire columnist Maura Kelly to say that obese people are “disgusting” and “gross her out.”? Shows like Mike and Molly are “implicitly promoting obesity”? Has anyone pointed out to Maura that TV is FULL of happy, lovely, romantically entangled skinny … Continue reading

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