Manhattan Mommy sues preschool for killing 4-year-old’s Ivy League chances

The wackadoodle Manhattanite helicopter mommies are at it again: according to the NY Daily News, one such mom is suing a 19K a year elite pre-school for daring to provide a “playroom” for a four-year-old, when they should have been preparing her for admissions exams. Ah, Manhattan, where elite, private pre-schools that cost as much … Continue reading

Newsweek report: we need to fire bad teachers

Newsweek has published an excellent piece that highlights a thought-provoking issue of modern education: American students consistently rank below most of the world. Why? It’s not the teaching methods/federal programs (New Math, Whole Language, No Child Left Behind, etc. etc.) or the parents (though an attentive parent always helps). It’s the teachers — namely, those … Continue reading

New report on Millennial trends & other generations released

Pew Research has released a new report full of lots of fun numbers and charts regarding the Millennial generation, and how they compare to the three generations above them (Gen X, Boomers, Silent). Their conclusion? Millennials are confident, connected and open to new ideas. They also are less religious than ever, are the most unemployed … Continue reading

Rant says ‘Women need to be more assertive’… Orly?

So last week, NYU professor/writer Clay Shirky posted on his blog a rant about women, about how women — citing his female students in particular — need to be more assertive if they want to get ahead in life. Namely, he says that women need to “man up” and take more risks, like men do. … Continue reading

Where’s the science in the HP Exhibit?

A question has tugged at the edge of my mind since I visited Harry Potter: The Exhibition (which I’ve actually now seen twice). Namely: where’s the science? What does that matter, you ask? Well, it begs the question (and I’m not the first to ask), considering the exhibit is currently being hosted by The Museum of … Continue reading

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