USC frat boys to the world – women aren’t people!?, and other degrading vitriol

It’s a banner week for feminism and rape culture, and I’m torn between blind rage and breaking down and weeping. First 11-year-olds being blamed for their gang-rapes and now frat boys writing a modus operandi on sexually assaulting women, ne sex objects. This one’s right on my doorstep, too, an epic email from a USC … Continue reading

NYU kids protest student loans; induce nationwide, collective eye roll

Ah, the Millennial entitlement battle rages on. They can’t seem to find a job, quarter life crises abound, and, DAGNABBIT, their dream schools — gasp! — cost a shit-ton of money. Yesterday in Manhattan, a gaggle of NYU students held a protest gallingly titled “Casualties of Debt,” organized, aptly, via Facebook and headlined by former … Continue reading

The Chipmunks Adventure explains so much about the Millennial, post-feminist girl

Whilst listening to The Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack at work, I tumbled enthusiastically about how OMG, the movie is TOTALLY pro-women’s lib. While my observation of two rather kick-ass tracks is certainly true, if you listen to all the Chipette’s songs and think about some of the sequences in the film, it actually says a lot … Continue reading

The Best (aka: Worst) of Slutty T(w)een Halloween Costumes (hosted on Facebook)

In honor of last year’s Slutty Halloween 2.0: Teen Edition post, here is the 2011 “update”: photo gallery with snarking! Hosted on Mavenity’s Facebook Fanpage. Click on the image to go to the gallery, and “like” Mavenity to get more Facebook exclusive content! Expect lots of fun stuff in the future — photo galleries, video … Continue reading

The Fantasy of Being Fabulous (or, Millennials, emerging adulthood and quarter-life crises)

The New York Times recently published a really good article on the staunchly debated new developmental period for our generation: emerging adulthood. It’s become an oft embraced term in Millennial discussions, though some argue that it is NOT a developmental stage because it is not essential, and not everyone goes through it. But a large … Continue reading

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