USC frat boys to the world – women aren’t people!?, and other degrading vitriol

It’s a banner week for feminism and rape culture, and I’m torn between blind rage and breaking down and weeping. First 11-year-olds being blamed for their gang-rapes and now frat boys writing a modus operandi on sexually assaulting women, ne sex objects. This one’s right on my doorstep, too, an epic email from a USC … Continue reading

Single Moms – bad for society? LAME.

The “most people think single moms are bad for society” research is being trotted out yet again. Dagnabbit, it’s high time I actually made a post about this. Harkening way back to the mid-90s, I was “that kid” who was so incensed by a John Stossel “Give Me a Break” on single moms and idiocy … Continue reading

TechCrunch comments fail — from STFU to “female supremacists”

TechCrunch writer Michael Arrington opened a big ole can of gender disparity worms a few days ago, when he posted how women need to stop blaming men for gender disparities in the tech field. The article isn’t that interesting so much for what it says, but for the rather ignorant male privilege Arrington displays (poor … Continue reading

Toddlers and Tiaras, or why 90% of people shouldn’t have children

I have found a new reason to hate humanity, beauty pageants and modern parenting. Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC, aka my new crack cocaine, just debuted its second season and they started with a doozy of a pint-sized pageant queen – Makenzie, whom I am convinced is the spawn of Satan, and her mom the … Continue reading

BMI & obesity: calling BULLSHIT on the standard measure of fat

Let’s talk about obesity. Well, more specifically, let’s talk about the common tool for measuring and determining obesity: BMI (Body Mass Index). Obesity is a lot like obscenity: you know it when you see it. Going by the hard and fast numbers, like matching up height and weight on a chart to determine how healthy … Continue reading

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