Should Facebook be responsible for protecting children?

In yet another move in totally and completly turning into my mother, I was struck dumb today by a UK report that a British child protection organization is pressuring Facebook to add measures that would protect children from abuse. Namely, they feel Facebook must do more to actively regulate and provide children with help from … Continue reading

New report on Millennial trends & other generations released

Pew Research has released a new report full of lots of fun numbers and charts regarding the Millennial generation, and how they compare to the three generations above them (Gen X, Boomers, Silent). Their conclusion? Millennials are confident, connected and open to new ideas. They also are less religious than ever, are the most unemployed … Continue reading

Review: Percy Jackson & the Olympians – The Lightening Thief. Fantasy film is fun, but not for the kiddies

Probably the first thing that springs to mind when one considers Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief is ‘oh, that children’s movie.’ Indeed, Percy Jackson is based on a best selling YA novel of the same name whose intended audience is pre-teens, but in its film incarnation, Percy Jackson is most certainly not … Continue reading

The Hunger Games: Notes + Map

*note: just read Mockingjay. Will update this/make a new map once I’ve processed things!* One thing I’ve found after reading the first two books in the Hunger Games trilogy is that there isn’t much concise information out there speculating about the Districts & their locations. And a map of Panem was one of the top … Continue reading

Hate Twilight? You’re just threatened by GIRLINESS!

Writer Sady Doyle has published an editorial on The American Prospect about hate directed at the Twilight series, and how it is essentially happening because Twilight is girly and something can’t be good unless it speaks to a male audience. Actually, I’m pretty sure Twilight gets flack because it is flagrantly anti-woman, anti-feminist and encourages … Continue reading

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