On Hunger Games casting: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

Huge news on The Hunger Games movie front: according to The Wrap’s exclusive report, we have our Katniss! She is 20-year-old Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence, and according to Variety, she beat out younger actresses Abigail Breslin & Hailee Steinfeld for the role. Predictably, some people are upset, with Jezebel going to far as to cry … Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Twinapalooza! – Jedward (Ireland) & TWiiNs (Slovakia)

Well, looks like some countries took notes of the UK’s massive missed opportunity in 2009 when they decided against blond twins for their entry (all due respect to Jade). Why? Because twins = ULTIMATE EUROVISION GIMMICK. Not one, but TWO countries are sending twin acts to Eurovision. One should be familiar to you: Jedward. That’s … Continue reading

Some things taste better than skinny feels: food guilt, control issues & fat kid honesty

Ah, that famous Kate Moss quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Well, it’s TOTAL BULLSHIT. A LOT of things taste as good as thin feels, and better. (hellooooo bacon) This is how I know my new Weight Watchers leader is the one for me – she feels the same way. She even threw … Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

Let’s check in with Scandanavia, shall we? Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, often but not always favorites of mine, have all selected their finalist within the last few weeks. One or two of them may have a winner, while other may have trouble getting past the semi-finals. Take a look; have a listen: First up … Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: UK debuts Blue number “I Can”

My first Eurovision post of the year, horrifically late! I started off Tumbling in a separate space, but then got distracted by other topics during the early Spring Eurovision lull. Things are really kicking off with most countries announcing/debuting their songs in the last two weeks, so it’s time for Mavenity to enter it’s Eurovision … Continue reading

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